Dialog log export

JAICP provides access to daily logs for statistical analysis. Users can download the previous day’s logs for the entire account. The logs are provided in the .csv format.

How can I download dialog logs?

  1. The account administrator should contact support with a request to activate the option to download dialog logs.

If you use one of the business plans (JAICP Business Standard, JAICP Business Pro, JAICP Business Pro+, JAICP Business Ultra, JAICP Business Enterprise), the option was automatically activated when switching to this plan.

  1. After confirming that the option was enabled, the account administrator adds the RAWLOGS_ANALYTIC role to the users that should have permission to download dialog log files.

  2. The user with the RAWLOGS_ANALYTIC role logs in to the platform and downloads dialog logs using this URL:



  • hostname is the name of the platform host, e.g. app.jaicp.com.
  • dd, mm, and yyyy are the date, month, and year respectively.

When does log generation start?

Log generation starts when the option is first enabled. Dialog logs generated prior to the option being enabled are not available for download.

Daily logs are written to a file for the previous day as counted from the start time of the log generation task. By default, logs for the previous day are generated at 00:01 in the UTC−0 time zone. When dialog logs for the same day are generated, the previously saved file is overwritten.

Dialog logs in the Dialogs section are displayed in accordance with the time zone set in the user profile. However, the time zone in the exported file is always UTC−0.

How can I regenerate the log report?

The account administrator can regenerate log reports by calling the method above with the force=true parameter:


The new log report will be available for download in 10 minutes at the former address.

I have enabled removal of dialog logs

If the Cleanup dialogs option is active for the account or a project, logs older than the specified date will be completely removed for the entire account, regardless of the project.

Is there another way to download logs?

  • You can also download the file via HTTP GET requests.

The download is available only to authenticated users that have the RAWLOGS_ANALYTIC role. Use basic authentication in the requests.

  • You can download logs directly from the JAICP interface.

    • Go to the appropriate subsection of the Analytics section: either Dialogs or Clients.
    • Apply the necessary filters.
    • Select the Session log button in Dialogs or Download report in Clients.

You can watch the real-time progress of log generation in the task list. You can cancel the export prematurely if you need to. Otherwise, if the export is successful, the generated report as a table in the .xlsx format becomes available via the Download button.

The generated report results depend on the filters applied. To download the full report, reset the filters you applied earlier.

Exported data

The exported csv file contains the following columns. The column separator is ;.

Column Description Example
session_id Session ID 20a8444a-e1dd-5865-5ee7-b03fcb65e19b.732196de-2de6-455f-b751-e2c9a4700c62
session_start_time Session start time 28.01.2019 17:18:45
session_end_time Session end time 28.01.2019 21:18:45
session_questions_count Overall number of phrases in the session 14
session_tag Session tag The request has been fulfilled
channel_type Channel type Telegram
channel_name Channel name demo_bot
client_id User ID telegram-118460129-demobot-118460129-XLA-160021967-294227430
client_name Client name John
project_name Project name Demobot
msg_rt The time when the phrase was processed by the server 13.02.2019 13:41:12
msg_question User request Find the nearest ATM
msg_answer Bot reply The nearest ATM is located at the Queens Plaza subway station
state_before State before processing the request /Menu
state_after State after processing the request /CatchAll/Switch/NoOperatorsOnline
msg_switched true — a transfer to an agent took place after this request

false — no transfer took place
msg_operator true — the agent replied

false — the bot replied
msg_comment Phrase comment ATM search
msg_tags Phrase tags ATMs